Tuesday, September 18, 2012

September 11th Lessons

How do you all manage to post multiple times a week about your adorable lessons AND function as normal members of society? Clearly I need some of your super strength and drive because I can barely get a work out in, go to school and come home and cook dinner. 

I would really love some tips on how you manage your time!! 

September 11th

How wild that my kiddos were either not born or NEW babies at the time this happened? I had very few kids that had any knowledge about the events of September 11th. These are our KWL charts. 

This is one of my high kids. 

This is one of my girls whose parents had talked to her about it previously. 

After writing down what we wanted to learn, we watched the BrainPop on September 11th. It's one of their free videos. And as one of my kids told me last year "For some reason, Tim and Moby do a better job explaining things than you do sometimes". And I can't be mad, they really do. 

Not to go overboard, but I did then read "The Man Who Walked Between Towers". The kids LOVED it. It's a nice way to talk about the towers without going into too great of details. 

For homework, I thought the kids might want to hear their family member's experiences. It was funny, because they were CONVINCED that their parents wouldn't remember. They were shocked when they came in the next day, and anxious to share.  I have siblings, one in each class, and one interviewed mom and one dad. It was adorable to hear, because the dad was in a humvee training for the military and the mom was in college, worrying her boyfriend would be sent to war. 

This is my personal favorite. Either someone is confused, or someone is a serious democrat :) 

The next day, we shared our memories and then we read "September 12th We Knew Everything Would be All Right". It is such a sweet book, written by a first grade class (sadly, they're now seniors?!). One of my students said "That's beautiful". 

Although it's a sad day, it's very interesting to discuss. I love seeing the kids get excited about Social Studies. 


Mrs. Kim Ziliak said...[Reply]

Hi! I just found your blog on 3-6 Free Resources and I'm a new follower! I teach 5th grade reading and writing! I can't wait to read more of your posts!


Amanda said...[Reply]

Thanks for sharing your ideas!
I have nominated you for a liebster blog award. Head on over to my blog for the details.
Rock Stars At Work

Mrs. Prince said...[Reply]

I LOVE your ideas for this special day! I hope you don't mind if i steal one or all of them :) (and I TOTALLY agree with your opening statement!) I am so tired after the day!

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